Dubbo Mobile Patrols Deter Criminals and Protect Property

Large facilities benefit from mobile patrols that deter criminals with their constant presence. Marvasti Security employs highly trained and qualified security personnel who are available 24 hours a day to patrol your facility preventing theft or worse. With onsite patrols, you are assured of a prompt response and are guaranteed that access points are checked frequently ensuring your location remains secure during off hours.

More than a Security System

Dubbo mobile patrols are cost effective and provide a quick response to unwanted trespassers by maintaining a secure facility. A highly qualified mobile patrol will use the latest database management, mobile communications, as well as GPS and navigation systems to respond quickly to incursions while keeping you in the loop. They work closely with law enforcement to apprehend thieves and vandals barring them from causing financial and physical damage to your business.

Our Dubbo Mobile Patrols Provide Multiple Services

Our licensed security personnel will patrol your facility as specified and respond swiftly to tripped alarms. We also offer staff escorts to and from the car park enabling employees to feel safe after dark. We perform internal and external inspections of your facility to locate weak areas that will benefit from additional monitoring. We can lock and unlock your facility providing you with the knowledge that your site is secure for the night and weekend.

Contact us to learn more about our Dubbo mobile patrols and how we add another layer of protection to your facility and employees providing a safe working environment free from outside perils.